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It is critical for businesses to find the right banking solution that drives their business growth and helps them manage their finances smartly. One important way to ensure this is to establish a merchant services account. Chase Bank offers different services for merchants from which you can choose the appropriate account that meets with your business needs and payment processing methods.

About Merchant services

Merchant services also known commonly as credit card processing system is designed to handle the transactions of merchants done electronically. With this account, merchants can accept any form of electronic payment including debit cards and credit cards.

The account is generally established with a merchant acquirer or payment processor that is linked to organizations, which allow processing of the payments when a customer pays for the services or goods provided by the merchant. The activities involve

  • Receiving information of sales from the merchant
  • Receiving transaction authorization
  • Collection of funds from the credit card issuing banking institution
  • Sending the processed payment back to particular merchant.

Merchant Services at Chase Bank

Merchant services at Chase provide businesses advantage of collaborating with a highly reputed provider in the United States and Canada.   The bank founded in 1985 has a well-developed line of banking services and products that aid in establishing your business successfully.

Since the merchant services needs vary from business to business, based on the size, industry and other factors, Chase offers specialized processing methods for different businesses including restaurants, retail, travel and others.

The Orbital Payment Gateway feature is designed especially for online businesses. Merchants can conduct online credit card transactions and payments via electronic checks affordably and quickly.

For business on the move, the Mobile Checkout feature at Chase enables receiving payments directly from an Android or Apple phone. With the Mobile Checkout application from Chase and card reader you can use Chase online login site and enhance your business even when you are on the move always.

The funds are usually deposited into the settlement account or checking account within two business days directly after settlement, when you have the Merchant services account at Chase.

Affordable pricing

Chase offers competitive pricing for merchants and helps them avail the benefits of best Visa and MasterCard rates for all business transactions. PCI compliance, fraudulence management and online reporting options are offered at Chase to ensure you have safe business transactions and develop your business successfully. Over 222,500 businesses have merchant services at Chase mainly due to the diverse services and products, and safe and affordable transactions offered here.

Exemplary customer support

With Chase, merchants can be assured of personalized and value added services that enrich their business right from the beginning and all through its development. The merchant services support team operates 24/7 helping you to identify the best options that fit your specific needs.

With impressive product and service line up and several decades of experience in banking services Chase Merchant account is ideal for merchants looking to upscale their business and take it to new and productive heights. The various services and benefits drive growth and control unnecessary costs leading to a positive and upward development, irrespective of the type of business you own.