The use of solar panels by taking the advantages of solar energy has now become very popular among many people not because of it is an unlimited energy source, but is also doesn’t cause any type of pollution which may affect the ozone layer in the stratosphere. By utilizing the mechanism of a photovoltaic cell which is able to absorb sun rays, solar energy is transferred into electrical power for commercial and residential uses. But to install a solar panel it requires proper planning so that it becomes able to absorb maximum sunlight during day time.

Hence, if you are planning to install solar panels, then seeking help from a consultancy company will always benefit you as it will guide you to have the panels properly installed and also to avail tax rebates and other utilities. In this regards, 210SolarAdvisor is one of the reputed website and company who will help you in every step while installing solar panels. It offers Dallas Texas solar panels which are very much efficient and affordable. This company will also help you for the necessary paperwork which will make eligible for national and local rebates as well. This company offers services in the areas like Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth and if you are from there, then you can avail rebate packages announced by Oncor Energy which will give you a rebate of $538 per kW up to 10kW. 210SolarAdvisor also offers a combined package of IRS 30% tax credit with Oncor rebates by which you can save up to 50% money during installation of solar panels.

If you choose 210SolarAdvisor, you can advantage of no money down financing plans, zero penalties for early payout, huge savings on electricity bills and a lot more. Now coming to their solar panel installation program, it completely follows step by step procedures. First of all, they will run an analysis on your present energy consumption which will lead to the determination of solar panels. As every panel installation program is unique they will examine that how many panels can be fitted in your house and thus it will also calculate how much savings will be there. Next, you can avail different lending plans under no money down financing program. Once these steps are done, a representative will visit your house for final measurements and data analysis. After that, they will do the necessary engineering drawings to get approval and permission from the HOA. After getting the final approval, they will start the installation process which may take a whole day. After that, they will commission the panels and then you can start utilizing the panels and savings.

Now there are several other points why you should go with 210SolarAdvisor. Firstly, it is a BBB rated company and has a reputation in the industry. Secondly, it offers affordable financing terms and product warranty up to 25 years. Next, it is a licensed company and certified by NABCEP so your solar panels will be insured and bonded. Last but not the list, it uses LG solar panels which are easily upgradeable.


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