Offshore Accommodations become a primary concern when it comes to providing comfort and flexibility to the offshore workers. Such accommodations must meet all the safety requirements as well as be able to meet the rough weather conditions to provide comfort and ease of living to the workers. Offshore accommodations mainly refer to the accommodations provided to the employees who work primarily in oil platforms and offshore areas.

The oil and gas companies have a large crew, and they need to accommodate in an insufficient space. Therefore, it becomes important to create living spaces that are innovative, comfortable as well as safe to live in. These accommodations provide not only a relaxing environment but also a home like feeling to the workers.


These accommodations are highly crucial for oil platforms. The crew is required to work for long shifts and so they need to relax in a comfortable environment with complete safety.

Let us find out these major factors that make it a necessity:

Good environment for workers:

Workers are humans, and like all of us, they too require the adequate environment to work in. Employees living in an environment with inadequate living conditions make them frustrated thus leading to low job performance affecting the productivity of the work. Therefore, a good environment is needed not only to increase the productivity but also creating a healthy and cheerful atmosphere.

Beneficial for a business:

To not lose workers to the competitors, a business must make sure that they provide their workers everything good. The workers should trust the company, and one of the factors for gaining the trust of workers for a business is to provide them excellent offshore accommodation. Retention is really important, and the best way to retain your workers is to provide them safe and comfortable accommodation.

Needs and morale of your workers:

Another major aspect is being familiar with your worker’s needs. Workers must be happy and completely satisfied with the conditions at work. This way they will always work hard and betterment of the business. Having a comfortable place to rest, eat and enjoy will eventually lead to good performance as well as increased morale of the workers.

Comforts that should be available in offshore accommodation:

Working in oil and natural gas industries isn’t an easy thing at all. The workers are exposed to many dangers as they are required work in serious and harmful conditions. Moreover, to work effectively, they need some necessary comforts. These make this possible to a certain extent. These accommodations provide a safe and comfortable environment to the workers. Some such comforts are:

Separate Bedrooms: Provides separate bedrooms to the workers on a given rig. These bedrooms are well-equipped with sound dampening materials so that the workers can get a sound and peaceful sleep. 

Kitchen set ups: Good food always leads to higher working capacity. Modern ones provide a fully equipped dining rooms where workers can sit and eat comfortably. Workers can also cook their meals in spaces provided by these.

Space: It is important that workers must have their space. There must be plenty of common space or common rooms that can provide workers more ease and comfort that they require. They should have common rooms where they can spend quality time with their friends. 

Recreation facilities: Working in an environment with no entertainment will always lead to stress and reduced productivity. Therefore, offshore accommodations should be such that gives recreation facilities or rooms to the workers where they can enjoy and entertain themselves along with their fellow mates.

These accommodations become one of the necessary concepts when it comes to accommodating workers offshore. These not only provide safety but also comfort to the workers living in such conditions where life is not easy, as you can see here. Providing quality place to settle to your workers will not only profit your business but also will lead to less maintenance. It’s exactly like an investment that reaps results in the long run.

Also, these always attract talented employees. Workers will still rely on that business that offers a stable and comfortable living places to them.  Unsuitable and unsafe conditions also result in low morale which is a significant disadvantage of not having proper accommodations.


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