Home DesignPlanning a remodel requires much foresight. Add in the desire to remodel a home with green methods and the level of investment goes up further. However, with so many companies and designers on the green living bandwagon today, homeowners can find an array of helpful tips whether they are planning a full home remodel or a simple one-room remodel.

One of the easiest tips is for homeowners to repurpose the space they already have rather than adding on to their homes. Not only does building an addition use up precious resources, such as lumber, it also requires a great deal of natural gas or electricity to heat and cool throughout the year. Instead, homeowners should consider new ways of using their old spaces. Installing skylights can be a simple way to open up a space with natural light.

Second, homeowners should have an energy audit performed before beginning the remodel to understand how they would be best served in spending their remodeling budget. These audits will show where energy consumption is highest throughout the home. Many individuals find that the insulation in their attics or their windows are letting a great deal of energy out and decide to create a greener home by insulating a space or installing new Energy Star-rated windows.

Finally, homeowners can consider using green building supplies. Reclaimed wood is a great way to add a burst of history and style to a home without destroying new trees. Examples of other salvaged materials that may be chosen include wainscoting, bricks for chimneys, doors, cabinets and lighting.

Some tips are perfect for the budget-conscious and those who only want to get their feet wet while other tips are geared more for those who have a larger budget and want to go all out in their quest for green living. Whichever option is chosen, most homeowners will need the guidance of a certified Green Building Professional, such as those found at http://www.planetorange.com. A professional will be able to provide tips and strategies for creating the home of one’s dreams while protecting the earth and its resources.


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