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Carpet FlooringYou’ve made a sizeable investment in your flooring so you should make every effort to protect it so that you’ll have years of excellent service.  You’ll want to maintain regular care so that your carpets and other types of flooring are attractive for your celebrations and holiday gatherings for family and friends.  Keeping it cleaned and repaired are two vital ways to extend the life of your flooring and to keep it looking its best no matter what the season.  Let’s take a look at some preventive maintenance steps that will keep your flooring looking great all year long.

  1. It’s a good idea to use mats at all entrances to your carpeted flooring so that dirt, grease, and grime will be kept away from its surface.  These rugs will absorb moisture that ruins the appearance of your carpet and allows dirt and grime to penetrate its fibres.
  2. Make sure that when your carpet is installed, a quality underlay is used; you’ll want to give special attention to the staircases in your home.  Good underlay provides better resilience which helps to extend the life of your flooring.  Using a professional carpet installer when you purchase new carpet can assure you that the right underlay is being used and the installation is appropriate for the carpet industry.
  3. To prevent damage to your carpet, make sure when you move your furniture that you use pads that are designed to make your furniture move easier and protect the carpet underneath.  You can purchase pads that are shiny on one side so that you can easily move a large piece of furniture by yourself without hurting the carpet whatsoever.
  4. To keep from crushing the pile on your carpet, be sure to move your heavy furniture frequently; you can also use protective coasters under furniture legs to minimise the impact of the weight on the carpet’s pile.  This small attention to detail can certainly prevent damaging your carpet from quick or careless moves that become costly to your budget.
  5. By using area rugs with your carpet, you can accent special areas of your room and make your interior design more inviting.  You’ll want to remove and clean them often so that the pile underneath isn’t crushed or impacted in any way.
  6. Regular vacuuming extends the life of your carpet by keeping it clean and debris-free; this is especially important in high-traffic areas.  You should vacuum your entire home once a week and problem areas more frequently; this will help the pile stand tall and beautiful and remain attractive.
  7. For stains, burns, and damaged carpets, you should consult with only professionals who are well-trained to handle these problems.  Going to a website like can introduce you to a team of experts who can make your carpets look like new with their tender loving care and attention to detail.  They will know the best solution for your problem and the proper procedures to use in repairing the damaged areas.

Taking good care of your carpeted flooring is an excellent way to protect the investment that you made in high quality flooring that sets the tone for your decor.

home-decorYou feel like you’ve been looking at the same living room décor for eons. Sure, you’d love to give the living room a make-over whenever the mood strikes you, but that takes time and money. What if there was a simpler way? Here are some tips to give your living room décor a quick reboot on a budget.

A Blank Canvas
Before you’ll be able to make interesting, quick, colourful changes to your living room, you’ll need to start with a “blank canvas.” The best way to achieve this is with a room done in mostly neutral tones: carpet, walls, drapes etc. But don’t panic! There’s no need to pull up the carpet. Neutral doesn’t just mean black, white, off-white or beige. According to the folks at Better Homes and Gardens a neutral colour can be any colour on the colour wheel but in a tone that has been darkened by adding black, like Aubergine, or lightened up with white, like Lilac. You probably have more neutral tones than you realize.

Throw Pillows
When you are ready to start changing your colours in the living room, one easy way to begin is with throw pillows. Finding something you like shouldn’t be a problem because throw pillows come in dozens of colours. Watch out, though; they can be expensive if you don’t shop carefully!

Minimize the Clash

If you feel that your curtains (for example) really don’t go with your current colour choice, and you can’t afford to replace them, you don’t have to take them down, just minimize the effect. Open the curtains as wide as possible so the colour or pattern shows less, and tie them back. You can always put up nets if you need to cover the window.

Using your living room lampshades as colour accents is a lot of fun. So often we see lampshades in, well, neutrals, but you can find them in just about any colour for table lamps. Depending on the size of your living room, using between one and three classic/standard style table lamps will be best. Any of the Dunelm lamp range would be good.

You’ll need to know what size lampshade to buy, so whether you shop online or in a store, have the old shade handy, plus a tape measure. It’s just easier. Again, prices can vary widely by retailer, so check around. There are a number of places to purchase inexpensive lampshades (online and off-line) but you have to look for them.

Other Additions
To tie your “new” room together you’ll need a few more items in your chosen colour placed around the room. It’s easiest to pick three items (or buy three new items) and always use those three. Next, go to your local hardware store and purchase a can of spray paint that matches or complements your new colour choice. Spray paint those three items, and once they are dry, place them around the room! Some suggestions for paintable décor items:
• A large basket that holds items on your coffee table
• A box that holds kindling beside the fireplace
• Pine cones in a glass bowl on the mantle – just the pine cones!

The one matter that can be done to the exoteric of the residence to obtain it as lovely as it can be is artwork. Although a lot of people predict that this is easy, it can be definitely a task with regards to the precise structure abstracts accustomed on the exoteric of the home. It is challenging to get the exoteric of your residence exceptional on your own after the guidance of a artwork expert, so it will be all-important to do some research to employ the appropriate artwork designer for your needs.

There are a few elements that shpaintould be recommended if selecting the casework of a artwork designer for the home. By demography a few elements into account, you will be able to residence the home in the quickly of a able artwork service provider, accouterment you with exceptional after-effects at the end of the job.

Competence: A appropriate artwork designer should be qualified in recognizing the job done. This organization that he should take the all-important capability and capability in stream and should not get abashed on how to get the job. The gathering or amassing should apperceive the best deal with to use on your exoteric materials to get them looking lovely after producing any passionate of harm.

The Appropriate Equipment: The artwork designer should not alone take the capability but should aswell take the appropriate accoutrement for the job. Things like steps and colour brushes as able-bodied as excellent shows should be accustomed to avoid incident and injuries as the strategy advances. The designer should aswell take the components on fight it out and not ask you to buy such devices. The alone matter you capability be appropriate to buy is the colour.