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When decorating a room for your kid you can play with colours and style. Still, it is important that the room matches your kid’s personality and that you pick a theme that brings the whole room together. Finding the right window treatment also plays an important role in decorating your child’s room. It is one of the finishing touches where you can showcase your creativity and create balance in the whole room. Here are a couple of tips for window treatment in your kid’s room.

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Match the Fabric with Other Accessories

One of the things you must have in mind when decorating your kid’s room is that you have to keep balance in the design. So when choosing the pattern for your window covering, you consider which pattern there is on the bedding, pillows and walls and pick the one that will match them. For example if all the accessories in a girl’s room are pink, you can get baby pink window covering. For a boy’s room, you can combine blue coverings with turquoise accessories.

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Always use Bright Colors

This is a rule that does not only apply to window coverings. Kids love bold colors and therefore their rooms should be as colourful as possible. It is always advisable to pick bright colours that be attractive to them and appeal their eyes. Such colours can spread cheerfulness all around the room and set the right mood for kids to play and have fun in the room. So bright colours with some moon, cloud and star designs are always a great idea.

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Use Light Weight Coverings

You will always want to choose light weight curtains for your kid’s room, especially if your kid has allergies. Heavy draperies with too much fabric can store a lot of dust in them which does not do any good for your kid’s health. Instead, you should pick a light weight covering that you can maintain easily. Light coverings can easily be washed and cleared from all the dust. These will also let much more sunlight into the room than heavy draperies would.

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Get Some Additional Pelmets

Adding pelmets to a kid’s room is another good idea. If you opt for a right design, a pelmet can create a real natural environment in the room. If you want to do this, you can consider adding pelmets shaped like sun, moon, planets or stars. Designs with clouds and rainbows will make the room seem even more refreshing. For younger kids, this is also a great way to teach them about shapes and planets.

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Choose the Right Material

Besides design and additional accessories, you also have to think about the material for your window covering. If you are not going to choose some specific designs and patterns, you can opt for aluminum blinds. These are perfect for rooms with white walls and not too many accessories. On the other hand, if your kid’s room has many accessories and different designs you can decide on vertical panel track blinds which will be a perfect fit for such a room.


Choosing window coverings for a kid’s room can be quite a difficult task. Luckily, most of the ideas mentioned above are easy to follow and do not take much time. Curtains with interesting designs can be fun for kids in ways unimaginable to adults. Besides this, they can be a great way to help them learn. That is why you should give it a lot of thinking before you opt for one design and fabric. Make sure you ask your kid for opinion as well.

Home DesignSome people think kitchen is the heart of home so they want to give good sense to it using kitchen remodelling supplies. The beautiful materials for kitchen are environmental free, durable and practical. Kitchen countertops available in granite, marble, wood, ceramic tile and laminated kitchen supplies. Lighting added in kitchen cabinet gives the fulfilled feel of remodel. They give visibility to all areas and it is needed when dealing with dangerous cooking tools and knives. Wall treatments are little bit expensive when compared to others but they make cleaning process easier. A perfect kitchen window gives cheery feel and bright light inside kitchen to help cooking. Window treatments for people in Mundelein are available in choices like bamboo shades and matchstick. Kitchen doors not only give access to kitchen products but also serve as the best decorative touch inside home. Kitchen hardware like window cranks, cabinet knobs, sliding doors, swinging doors spice up total space in kitchen.

Mirror backslash give shabby look to kitchen space by opening up kitchen and providing lighting. Economic and nice looking laminate designs can be sandwiched together to give pattern look. Some laminates gives moisture resistance, abrasion and protect against strains. All kitchen countertops that are available at Ellegant Home Design store come in various solid colours is very easy to maintain and clean. They are available in various shapes and colours to give custom design with elegant look. Granite and marble gives luxurious feel to kitchen materials because they are good surfacing material. They should be smooth edged and highly polished one to clean the surface easier. Fluorescent lighting is little costly but they save vast amount of energy and add rich feel to kitchen. Blue green light gives out warm effect inside kitchen whereas some recent technologies gives warm white feel. Incandescent bulbs gives yellow light, impart warm feel and serves also as residential lighting source.

Right Triangle Shade SailsShade Sail is a tool that is quite popular lately. In many countries, the owner of the house with an open courtyard tends to use this screen. Shade Sail usually consist of two types, namely Triangle Shade Sails and Square Shade Sails and the popular one is right triangle shade sails. This screen offers the beauty and practicality for every user. These screens are available in a variety of colors, from soft colors to bright colors. Soft colors are usually used in a room that has a bright wall color while bright colors are usually used in a room that has a bright wall colors. In summary screen selection is usually done based on a blend of soft colors and bright colors. This screen is also available with a variety of interesting paintings that can be ordered according to consumer tastes. If you are a fan of Batman, then it is possible for you to order a screen that has a picture of Batman on its surface. It is very interesting for any business owner who wants to make a business become more attractive. They can advertise and made the atmosphere more cheerful. This phenomenon is now commonly found in Canada; the United States, Italy, and Australia, countries are famous for café culture. The phenomenon of the use of this screen has been proven to be able to attract people to visit for culinary due to fact that there is a strong relationship between the tastes of food with bright colors. In this case the appearance of bright colors can be represented by Shade Sail.

Shade Sail is also a response to the depletion of wood products worldwide. These screens are usually made from recycled materials with a purity of up to 95%. This is one solution to tackle global warming, because as we have seen, the felling of trees is one of the main causes of global warming in addition to air pollution from heavy industry. Another advantage gained from the use of recycled materials is you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy this screen, because as we all know, recycled materials are cheap. Shade Sail is the answer in saving wood in the household. The materials used to make this screen are usually able to counteract the effects of UV radiation by more than 90 percent. Therefore, many medical practitioners recommend the use of these screens in everyday protection against the sunlight.

If you want to buy a Shade Sail, then you should consider some of the main points of which are building blocks of the screen, the size, the tilt angle between the screen and athletic pole until the space between the poles with the walls of the house in anticipation of the expansion of the pole when the ambient temperature becomes very high. Very high temperatures will lead to expansion poles that will eventually damage the walls of the house adjacent to the pole. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to install this screen in the house to consult with the technician who normally provided in every household appliances store. You can also read the installation guide Shade Sail is widely available in various web. Proper installation will produce perfect protection without compromising in terms of beauty and versatility of the room. The selected color also should reflect the character of the building. Surely something silly when buildings are designed for children’s activities put a dark screen as protection against sun and rain. You can order Shade Sail in various reliable online stores that is widely available on the Internet. The ease of shopping online is that you do not need to leave your room and just a few clicks, and then your amazing Shade Sail will soon be delivered to your home.

Home DesignPlanning a remodel requires much foresight. Add in the desire to remodel a home with green methods and the level of investment goes up further. However, with so many companies and designers on the green living bandwagon today, homeowners can find an array of helpful tips whether they are planning a full home remodel or a simple one-room remodel.

One of the easiest tips is for homeowners to repurpose the space they already have rather than adding on to their homes. Not only does building an addition use up precious resources, such as lumber, it also requires a great deal of natural gas or electricity to heat and cool throughout the year. Instead, homeowners should consider new ways of using their old spaces. Installing skylights can be a simple way to open up a space with natural light.

Second, homeowners should have an energy audit performed before beginning the remodel to understand how they would be best served in spending their remodeling budget. These audits will show where energy consumption is highest throughout the home. Many individuals find that the insulation in their attics or their windows are letting a great deal of energy out and decide to create a greener home by insulating a space or installing new Energy Star-rated windows.

Finally, homeowners can consider using green building supplies. Reclaimed wood is a great way to add a burst of history and style to a home without destroying new trees. Examples of other salvaged materials that may be chosen include wainscoting, bricks for chimneys, doors, cabinets and lighting.

Some tips are perfect for the budget-conscious and those who only want to get their feet wet while other tips are geared more for those who have a larger budget and want to go all out in their quest for green living. Whichever option is chosen, most homeowners will need the guidance of a certified Green Building Professional, such as those found at A professional will be able to provide tips and strategies for creating the home of one’s dreams while protecting the earth and its resources.

Vinyl Replacement WindowsWhen you purchase or construct your home for the first time, everything appears immaculate and perfect. The designs are flawless and the space seems enough; in fact, you can’t take your eyes off the new walls and furnishings. On the other hand, as time passes by, it begins showing at wear and tear on the structural conformity of your building. One way in order to look perfect like the original home is renovations. However renovating home is indeed not an easy task, might be time consuming and costly. Obviously, there are a lot of things that must be done to ensure that you get what you like and home renovations can revitalize your living space

If you’re renovating your home, new vinyl replacement windows will increase energy-efficiency, improve curb appeal and add value to your home. Why not give your home a fresh, new look by upgrading to energy-efficient discount windows Toronto that will save you money.

Over time, your wood windows take a beating from harsh weather that usually results in damage to the frames and glass. As your windows age, wood frames can crack and warp leaving you with windows that are hard to open or close. Damaged or old windows can develop air leaks that create drafts and uneven temperatures costing you up to 40 percent more in home heating and cooling costs.


Today’s energy-efficient casement windows Toronto are designed to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Glass is manufactured with Low-e ratings and UV protection that keeps your home comfortable year-round and protects your valuables and interior furnishings from fading and sun damage. By installing Energy Star vinyl replacement windows throughout your home, you can save as much as 15 percent each year in energy costs.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Although wood windows look beautiful when they’re new, they require constant maintenance to stay that way. They need to be stained or painted every few years, especially in harsh weather conditions since wood easily absorbs heat and moisture. Vinyl windows offer many advantages for your home:

* requires little maintenance besides cleaning

* Never needs painting

* will not absorb heat or moisture

* Less expensive to purchase and install

* pre-painted PVC colors to compliment your home

* made from petroleum products that won’t harm the environment